Ifedayo Greenway is the founder and visionary of IG & M.O.R.E (Ife Greenway & Ministry of Real Empowerment). She is a mother, inspirational writer, minister and motivational speaker who is passionate about impacting & changing lives.

With a degree in criminal justice, Ifedayo has been a Professional Investigator for nineteen years. She has been a licensed minister of the gospel for eight years. She uses the same research, analytical and communication skills learned in both the professional and faith arena to strategize and create new methods of overcoming personal obstacles.
In addition to being a published writer, she is the author of a conversational journal entitled, “Help! My Spirit Is Overwhelmed With Hurt”. She writes to the heart that’s mangled with pain and speaks with the hopes of connecting with people’s issues and being the “ministry moment” that empowers them to persevere.

Committed to transparency and being relatable, Ifedayo uses her journey, real life challenges and practical experiences to empower and strengthen others. She encourages others to find their authentic voice, manage difficulties and continue to pursue personal goals.

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Everybody has a story. The chapters of my life would detail my gig with single parenting, the two trips I took to divorce court and the years I spent being fully exposed to adversaries who accepted the assignment of contributing to my demise.

My journey led me to a dark place of pain. The people I trusted to help me were so broken that they could only breed brokenness. The places I turned to for healing became places that nurtured my pain and not my potential. I was crumbling under the weight of my pain and the solution was always religious cliché advice rather than transparently dealing with the real issues.

In my pain, I developed a deep desire for something different. My options were to do different or die. As a minister, one of the first workshops I facilitated was entitled “Help! My Spirit is Overwhelmed With Hurt”. The first time I presented it, I remember standing in front of a group of women and reading my private journal which was filled with so many private emotional moments. It was then that I realized my truth had the power to change lives. I realized that my journey was bigger than me and in my obedience to share it, I ministered to and empowered myself first.

Since that day, I committed myself to a ministry of authenticity. I knew that just like me, there were others who needed “MORE” (ministry of REAL empowerment) to help them with the pain of REAL life issues. IG & M.O.R.E was birthed and I have been sharing my story ever since.